4 Spicy Cocktails to Try at Lord of the Drinks for Extra Kick during a Relaxing Weekend

Lord of the Drinks is one of the premier bars in Mumbai. It has various branches all across the country. All the branches have a certain elegance and class to their ambience, drinks and food. If you are really choosy about your food, have a set taste in mind for all the hard drinks and cocktails you drink and need just the right ambience, you get all three at Lord of the Drinks.

Lord of the Drinks has this name for a reason. It is certainly the lord when it comes to mixing cocktails. If you are a perfectionist or a critic of how drinks are made, you would definitely have nothing bad to say about Lord of the Drinks. The bartenders here have a very selective process before they are selected for bartending. You can’t just work at Lord of the Drinks because of the experience you have had. You would need to demonstrate your skills in front of a group of cocktail lovers.

When you are in love with almost all kinds of cocktails, you develop a certain fixed taste for them. If you have that taste in mind and go to Lord of the Drinks, you won’t be disappointed. Lord of the Drinks also has special cocktails that are the flagship of the bartenders there and these drinks are superbly mixed and give a high that you can never imagine.

Everyone wants to have the best spicy cocktails that a bar has to offer and it is obvious that Lord of the Drinks has its special drinks too. No other bar in the entire country makes these drinks better than they do and here is the list of the top 4 spicy cocktails that you must try if you are looking for an extra kick during a relaxing weekend:

Orange Blossom:

This is a vodka-based drink that has a hint of orange liquor in it. This is the flagship Lord of the Drinks cocktail and nobody makes it better! Other ingredients of this delicious tangy cocktail are Kaffir Leaves, Vanilla Syrup splashed with a special Flavored Fizz that is homemade, and Sweet and Sour Mix. The combination of all these makes Orange Blossom our top pick in the four spicy cocktails list. This drink is priced at INR 550 exclusive of all taxes.

Turmeric Martini:

The name does sound icky, but once you try it, it is going to be your regular order. Turmeric Martini has homemade turmeric syrup and the recipe is unknown to anyone but the bartenders of Lord of the Drinks. Triple Sec and Citrus Vodka are the liquors that are added in this cocktail. The final ingredient of this Turmeric Martini is ice mule Drambuie smoked with a Lavender syrup. The ingredients do sound funny, but the taste is absolutely incredible. You would be rolling on the floor after you gulp four of these bad boys! The price is INR 550 exclusive of all taxes.

The Smokey Chocolate Martini:

The ingredients of this drink speak for themselves. The Smokey Chocolate Martini is made using Brandy, Vodka as the liquors and Fresh Cream smoked with Cinnamon & Garnished Chocolate Stick, Homemade Chocolate syrup and Kahlua! This drink is priced at INR 550 exclusive of all taxes.


The final drink is also Vodka-based with Citrus Vodka, Peach Liquor and Apple Vodka as base liquors and Homemade Flavored Soda, Basil Leaves, Lemon Juice and Fresh Strawberry as other ingredients. This drink is absolutely marvelous if you love fruits!

You can find all these delicious drinks at the Andheri West outlet of Lord of the Drinks.

Address: B26/1, Aver Road, Veera Desai Industrial Road, Opposite VIP Plaza, Near Infintiy Mall, Off New Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053, India

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